Carpet cleaning Santa Monica is a high-quality and trusted carpet and rug cleaning service located right in the beautiful Santa Monica area.  Whether you are the homeowner, renter or business owner, we are highly experienced and trained to take care of even the most challenging of cleaning tasks, and we are committed to your total satisfaction.  For the industry’s best carpet and complete cleaning solutions, call us today!


Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica offers inexpensive carpet cleaning services at hassle-free hours.  We are well informed of carpeting being a substantial financial investment for any homeowner or business owner.  With that said, we can help you make your carpets and rugs last much longer!


Because of the significant investment, we always advise our clients to take preventative actions to help preserve their flooring, like vacuuming often, using mats and rugs in high traffic places and asking members of the family and visitors to take off their shoes before walking on the carpet.  Doing things like this, will help carpets and rugs look nicer and last longer.

Along with all of that, it is important to have carpets, and rugs professionally cleaned to remove any build-up, which includes bacteria, dirt, grime, allergens and other pollutants.  Having a professional cleaning service properly cleaning your carpets and rugs will not only make your home healthier but also your family.


While your efforts do matter, you should know that they work correctly with frequent professional carpet cleaning.  After a while, dirt and dust build up deep within the carpet and causes carpets to lose their vibrate colors looking older and worn. Vacuuming carpets will not bring back the color and durability and certainly will not remove any of those stubborn stains like Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica can do.


Vacuuming alone won’t be able to remove all the dirt and soil dwelling deep inside your carpet.  In an effort to really clean your carpets, professionals at Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica use a very powerful carpet cleaner to remove harmful pathogens while simultaneously extracting stains and sanitizing carpets way down to their fibers.  This will remove any allergens and bacteria from your carpets making it much healthier and safer for home and family members.


Steam cleaning is the top solution to penetrating carpets deeply to remove stains and soil thoroughly. It is the best eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution.  First, a surface cleaner is applied to the carpet to break up any oil and dirt. Then, hot water is combined to lift oil, dirt, pollutants and allergens. After the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, it dries in no time at all.

Steam cleaning keeps your carpets looking fantastic, while being helpful to your overall health, as it cleans away dust, allergens, and any pollutants that cause breathing problems and allergies.


Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica is recognized in the area for the leading and most trusted industrial and hand rug cleaning service.  From typical and basic synthetic fibers to woven mats to Oriental and Afghan old-fashioned rugs, Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica can and will give your rug the very best cleaning bringing the rug back to like new condition once again.

Rugs differ in their material, and there are a wide range of fabrics, fibers, and styles that run from traditional to modern-day including Oriental and Persian rugs, area rugs, handmade rugs and many more. This includes fibers that are synthetic, wool or sheepskin, nylon or even polyester.

Upholstery cleaning in Santa Monica

Do yourself a favor and call our toll-free number to the fantastic cleaning service that we vouch for and if not your money back guaranteed! What do you know about restoring your carpets? Most of the people never cleaned their carpets and don’t know how to approach a service that kind.


The process of restoring your tile and grout is about the same as written above. If you have bed bugs, you should call us carpet cleaning Santa Monica to provide you with a mattress cleaning as soon as possible. The cleanings are not that long, but applying the type of chemical that will destroy the cells of the bed bugs is a 2 hour process and need a special vacuum machine that only carpet cleaning companies have. If you have spots and urine stains on the carpets, your only choice is to call Santa Monica carpet cleaning, and we will remove those spots with our particular chemicals that we carry.

The chemicals that we provide are non harmless and are 100% make from green. Carpet cleaning Santa Monica also provide hardwood floor maintenance every six months and the process in a 3 hours process with the involvement of buffing and refreshing the actual wood floor.


All our truck mount machines are PROCHEM and have the mixing solution option that mixes the shampoo with the hot water and the chemicals all together to get the best result of clean in your house. Call Carpet cleaning Santa Monica today to get your carpets serviced! The number is (323) 375-5265 and we are the best cleaning providers in LA

Call Carpet Cleaning Santa Monica at is (323) 375-5265

You can depend on our carpet and rug specialists to properly clean your rugs as carefully and thoroughly as possible!  Call Carpet is cleaning Santa Monica today to get your carpets serviced properly! The number is (323) 375-5265, and you will find we are the very best carpet cleaners within the entire Los Angeles area.

We provide carpet cleaning in Santa Monica in the following zip codes :

90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 90406, 90407, 90408, 90409, 90410, 90411


Santa Monica Carpet Cleaning

Toll Free (323) 375-5265

Check out the services of Santa Monica Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and grout clean
  • Furniture restore
  • Water damage remediation/li>
  • Re-grouting
  • Steam cleaning
  • Hardwood floor buffing
  • Fast dry cleanings
  • Upholstery clean
  • Deep steam clean
  • Carpets installation
  • Six-month maintenance
The process of Carpet Cleaning
  • 1.)You go online and find a good company with 4-star ad 5-star reviews.
  • 2.)You call several companies and ask them to provide you with an in-home free estimate. You schedule a time when you can accept the technicians.
  • 3.)when the technicians arrive ask them for a written estimate and a free test on a bad spot that has black stains or urine spot.
  • 4.)If you like what you see and the price is affordable, you can ask the technicians to stay and do the actual clean. If not just schedule a different time for the clean.

Carpet cleaning in Santa Monica and Los Angeles

We are a cleaning service provider in the beautiful city of Santa Monica, and we are named Santa Monica Carpet Cleaning. We thrive to customer service perfection and our we try to provide the best service possible. We also have a department of tile and grout cleaning and stone restoration that will give your old marble a new smile. We have 20 technicians on the spot that can provide services any time of the day locally in Santa Monica.